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Oct 2, 2012 2:30pm PDT
working group set up by the president to investigate misconduct that led to the financial crisis. >> san francisco in october, 2008. ordinary americans who lost their homes in the subprime mortgage crisis protested mortgage bankers. the protesters blamed the brokers for the situation that led to many homeowners being unable to pay their mortgages. >> the bankers inside here are responsible for the crisis. they are getting rewarded while the victims of this crisis are being punished by losing the places they have to live. >> one bank that dealt in residential mortgage-backed securities was bear stearns. in 2008, the bank was collapsed and taken over by rival j.p. morgan. for years on, j.p. morgan is being held responsible for the actions done by the bank it took over. bear stearns is alleged to have committed massive fraud, causing damages of more than 17 billion euros. the evidence was assembled by a coalition of law enforcement agencies created by president barack obama in 2009. the lawsuit is part of a federal initiative to hold a major wall street players accountable for america's big
Oct 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
be used to treat illnesses. yamanaka and gurdon were speaking at the gladstone institutes in san francisco on wednesday. it was their first joint news conference since receiving this year's nobel prize. yamanaka said gurdon has been an inspiration to him since they first met. >> he is an active scientist, still. so that's what i really respect. so i want to be like him 20-some years later with hair, too, of course. >> i'm full of administration for the work that shinya has done. in fact, as i said before, if it weren't for his work, i think we would have long since disappeared into obscurity. >> yamanaka spoke about the risks and benefits of clinical applications of ips cells. >> balance between risk and benefit is what we have to consider. what we can do is to minimize risks as much as possible. >> gurdon said yamanaka is a strong believer in the individual having the choice between risks and possible benefits. >> in my experience, the whole of my life, i've never seen such an enormous impact of one discovery as with shinya's ips work. >>> japan is in the middle of its rugby season, and c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2